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Digital Diagnostics Transforming Healthcare

We have created the worlds first 100% passive non invasive real-time urinalyses sensor that mounts to any toilet.

Early Diseases Detection and Chronic Disease Management   

We believe that home-based diagnostics are fundamental to healthcare digitization. When people can self-monitor for disease prevention and early detection, healthcare and outcomes improve, leading to healthier populations.

Empowered by Knowledge

Urinalysis is used to inform many different conditions, but currently, no tests are hands-free or provide recommendations in near real time. We make it easy for people to gain knowledge of their own body functions on an ongoing basis by continuously collecting and analyzing their health data.

Olive advantages:

-    Continuous historical data

-    Monitor loved ones

-    Monitor yourself

-    Benchmark your health

-    Receive proactive health tips

-    Disease prevention

-    Early detection

"Urine is the new blood."

Dr. Ofer Melamed,

Data Scientist and Chemist,

Weizmann Institute of Science

Enabled by Solutions

The Olive KG toilet-mounted device combines cutting edge optics with IoT technology, AI, and data analysis to deliver the world’s first truly passive, non-invasive urine diagnostic system.

Connect with Olive

Get in touch to learn more about how we can work together and be the first to know about announcements and product updates from Olive.

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