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Science Without Borders

Olive Diagnostics was founded by two friends, Guy Goldman and Corey Katz, who recognized the need for simple health diagnostic tools that give people information about their own body functions on a continuous basis.


Our mission is to help people sustain and create healthier lifestyles by providing them with practical insights into their own personal health data. We want people all over the world to have access to their own health data and feel confident taking charge of their own health care.

Smart Spectrometer Device

The Olive K3 device is a purpose-built, multi-frequency spectrometer, made from off-the-shelf components and designed to detect the molecular composition of urine. It’s mounted to the inside of any home or commercial toilet and is the first truly passive, non-invasive urine diagnostic system.


Olive K3 delivers the right information:


-    100% passive - all you do is pee, no collecting, aiming or dipping

- Affordable

- No expiration dates or complicated kits

- Continuous data collection, every time you urinate providing a granular, personalized profile

- Alerts to changes or anomalies

- Alerts on both immediate conditions and trends


The first-ever predictive healthcare system 

Smart Insights from AI

The Olive cloud-based AI system calculates molecule concentrations using proprietary algorithms, analyzes and tracks collected data, and alerts the user to any changes or anomalies.


We believe healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we’ve designed Olive to help ensure everyone gets the care they need. Every day.

Secure and Compliant

Our team works hard behind the scenes to make sure that all user data is safe, secure, and private. All analysis of data in the cloud is subject to privacy protection techniques and does not identify individuals. Olive is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. 

Innovation to Expand the Future of Medicine

At Olive Diagnostics, we’ve combined the best in biochemical and spectroscopy research with the latest in data science, AI, and analytics. Learn more about the science and technology behind Olive Diagnostics.